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Keep your cash, essential company documents and other valuables safe from theft with a range of insurance approved business safes from Yale, Chubb, Dudley. Supplied an fitted in London, Middlesex, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex by PLC Security.

AIS approved business safes and office security safes are approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors and the test certificates held by these security safes are accepted by all UK Insurance companies as an accurate reflection of their security and insurance value rating.

A business safe or office safe is only truly secure if correctly fitted, we can advise you where and how to secure your safe on your business premises or if you prefer we can fit it for you.

PLC Security Business Safe / Office Safe range

PLC Security are authorised sellers of Yale, Dudley and Chubb security safes. We specialise in the security needs of our London and Home Counties business customers, offering an exceptional service.

We offer a range of business safes to suit all budgets and needs.

  • Insurance approved safes (AIS)
  • Key lock business safes
  • Combination business safes
  • Water and fire-resistant business safes
  • Wall safes and box safes
  • Products from Yale, Chubb and Dudley
  • Free security advice from experienced staff
  • 12 month warranty with FREE support
  • Competitive prices

We work hard to develop good relationships with our clients. Much of our work is gained through word of mouth and recommendation. Each year we help 100’s of London, Middlesex, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex businesses keep safe and secure .

A safe is essential for your business:

  • Your documents are important and may even be essential to your business and should be kept in a fire safe. The loss of documents through fire or theft could result in your company being unable to complete a financial statement or worse.
  • Your assets may be insured but if the record of them is lost how will you persuade the insurance company to pay out? A safe is a natural home for these important documents and prevents loss as well as keeping them safe.
  • Do you store your on-site computer back-ups in a fire Safe? Protecting computer media requires much more substantial protection to keep the temperature and humidity at a much lower level. This is because computer media is plastic based and melts at a much lower temperature than that at which paper starts to burn.
  • Back-up copies you make and take home with you for security could be at risk. The theft of information can be just as damaging as the theft of physical assets.
  • High value stocks and valuable items should be stored in a secure safe environment.

We are happy to offer you advice on business safes and where to locate them or if needed we can fit them for you – please feel free to contact us.

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