Intruder alarms and why security is all about prevention

Home alarm and control kit

“Security is all about prevention”. I know it’s an obvious statement and it is hard to measure but security Is all about sending potential burglars elsewhere.

Intruder alarms are one of the best ways of doing this so here are some tips to look out for:

A quick response

Burglars are wary of home alarms because they only allow a few minutes to escape once triggered. When an alarm goes off, the alarm alerts the homeowner and once verified, it allows the home to notify the police in no time. The police response times are excellent so they will be on site in no time.

Fire and Flood Protection

Intruder alarms don’t will not only protect your home from intruders but it will also monitor your home in case of fire or flood.

Be Notified

If you are paying an alarm company to install and monitor your home alarm, make sure that the contact person is you or someone eligible and that the contact number is up to date. If possible, check the settings of your home alarm to avoid causing unlikely noises such as horning and beeping for hours until it is turned off. Just make sure the alarm sound is enough to notify then it should be reset afterwards.

Know your Neighbours

In case a burglar triggered your alarm and you are not at home, make links with a nice neighbour to verify and wait for the authorities would be helpful. Your neighbour can assess the damage and call a local locksmith to re-secure your home again instead of leaving your home vulnerable to burglars until you get home to fix the alarm system.

Warning Signs

Installing home alarm system will definitely decrease the chance of being targeted by burglars – let them know you have one! Show signage about your alarm system, it will make burglars and thieves to think twice before attempting to break your door. To make it more effective, you can add an audible sound to its settings so that when triggered, then it will not just notify you but also your neighbours.

In short

  • Alarms prevent burglaries
  • They minimise the time burglars are on site
  • They ensure the Police are notified quickly
  • Remote control ensures that Police are not given false alarms
  • They can also help prevent fire or flood

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