What Is The Likelihood That You Will Be Burgled?

PLC Security is at the heart of the drive to reduce burglary rates in the UK. We are following best practices for the industry and our customers to do so. The problem is getting worse however; The recession has driven up crime levels to new highs so there is a huge demand for what we are offering. We strive to deliver a product that people need.

Check out this Infographic by Tesco Compare, looking at UK burglary statistics over the past few years. It makes for some very interesting reading and may make you think again about your home security and insurance.

Research has shown that in the UK, burglars strike every 40 seconds. Families with children are likely victims and in 56% of these cases, there is someone at home at the time of the crime and, 44% of these cases happen in broad day light. The Burglary Infographic by Tesco Compare also reveals which areas of the UK are most affected and which strategies are most common: The majority of British burglars use doors to break into homes. Click on the image below to view the infographic:


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